Why us?

At Infotek, we primarily focus on training you for the job market. We also train you on how the technology industry is moving forward. Instead of training you on courses, we build your skill set required to start a career in a specific job domain of IT.

Online Real-Time Projects:

To get a job with the IT industry, exposure to the real world is essential. Therefore, we focus on each candidate project exposure and contribution. We make you contribute to the real-world project, plan, create, test, and analyze. Our experienced mentors help you achieve your goals within a given time frame.

Interview Preparation Platform:

After years of research, we have come up with a solution for interview preparation that is very informative, quick, and interactive. One can prepare for interviews based on the career he/she wants. More details can be checked here:


Resume Building Skills and Platform:

An effective resume always increases your chances of being selected for the interview. Our unique automated resume building module makes it easy to make a resume based on a job domain or requirement quickly.

Job Placement Assistance:

Our team can help you with placement assistance, what are the right places where you should post your resume, how you can apply for various jobs available in industry, and direct recruitment from our side for registered and certification passed trainees.

Infotek offers a unique and very effective model of mentorship. Under this program, each candidate is assigned a mentor who gives one-to-one attention to the candidate, assesses skills, finds out and guides how to move further for skills.

Detailed could be checked at:


Highly Qualified and Well-Experienced Trainers:

We have highly qualified and experienced trainers in their respective fields. We have trainers from the USA, India and many other countries.

Certification Assistance:

During and at the end of training, the Sr. trainer will provide Certification questions and answers to help you clear the Certification (if required). They will guide each student the required Certification program as well as they themselves are certified. Every student also receives a Infotek Solutions Training Completion Certificate as well.

Consulting Industry:

Infotek solutions consults industry in providing solutions on various domains, We also provide resources at the client end based on requirement.

On Job Support:

Our technical team provides on job support for professionals who are working in industry on various technologies, We help you grow at your workplace.

List of QA / BA related training programs: