About the program

What I am going to learn throughout this course? You will learn:

  • The science behind performance testing
  • Hardware, Operating system and network architectures in performance point of view
  • Different testing resources, parameters and metrics use for performance testing
  • Performance testing techniques, approaches, implementations on different projects
  • Design test environment, control bottleneck and monier entier testing
  • To automate performance test using different tools like  Jmeter, LoadRunner, SOAPUI
  • Different protocols like JDBC, HTTP, TCP/IP, SMTP, FTP to test different applications
  • Statistics(sample data, mean, variance, …, standard deviation) for data analysis and decision
  • Log, present and analyse results in different formats like graph and tabular
  • Able to compare performance of different products and provide final report

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Audience and Requirements:

  • Anyone who is interested to become performance tester and wants to lead challenging  and Performance Testing assignments in IT Industry.
  • No prior knowledge needed but strong desire to learn.

Training Highlights:

  • You will be working on four big projects and experience yourself
  • Mentorship will be available throughout and after training
  • You will practice on interview questions starting from day one

What will you learn (Course layout)

Introduction to Performance Testing and Jmeter

Fundamentals of Performance Testing and Jmeter, Jmeter Installation, Jmeter Architecture, Jmeter in GUI Mode, Jmeter in Server Mode, Jmeter in Command Mode, Jmeter Record and Play

Building Simple Jmeter Test Plan

Run Simple Test, Using Variables, Using Jmeter Proxy to Record and Play, Jmeter Templates

Jmeter Elements and Execution Orders

Jmeter Elements and Functionalities, Jmeter Elements Execution Order

Element Thread Groups

Number of Thread, Ramp up, Loop Count

Element Samplers


Element Listener

Tree, Table, Graph, Log

Jmeter Graph Output

Mean, Standard Deviation, Throughput, Latency

Element Timer types

Constant Timer, Gaussian Random Timer, Uniform Random Timer

Element Assertion

Response, Duration, Size, XML, HTML, … assertions

Element Controllers

Recording, Simple, Loop, Random, Module

Element Processors

Pre-processor, Postprocessor

Export Data to CSV File and Use Excel graph

Jmeter Plugins and Plugin Manager

setup Master and slave Jmeter and system under test, Jmeter-server.bat and jmeter.properties
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Career Guidance

We connect each of our trainee to a mentor, Who help, asses, guide and mentor the candidate and make person industry ready.

Interview Preparation
  • Mock interviews
  • Technical interview questions
  • What should be the idealistic answers.
  • Right approach of answering questions in interview.
  • Self assessment module to check your progress.
Effective Resume Building
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Resumes.
  • How to describe your project?
  • How experienced resume is different from fresher.
  • How to build resume for Career switch from Non-IT to IT.
  • What are top 7 ways of building effective resumes?
Job Placement Assistance
  • Know where to apply for jobs?
  • Right way of applying for jobs?
  • Understand how to get freelancing and part time jobs
  • Know how to get startup and flexible jobs?

Meet your mentor

About Trainer Jay:

  • 15 years of IT experience in software testing, quality assurance and quality management.
  • Experienced in leading and managing medium to large testing teams.
  • Have extensively trained participants in the areas of Software Testing Concepts, Quality Assurance, Quality Center, QTP, LoadRunner, Bugzilla, JIRA and Selenium.
  • Testing process owner at the organization I have worked.
  • Have mentored resources and helped set a career path and achieve testing certifications.

Get Answers (Answering their questions)

Are classes @Infotek-Solutions conducted through online video streaming?

Yes, the classes @Infotek-Solutions are conducted through online video streaming where there is two-way communication between users and instructors. The users can speak by using a microphone, chat by sending a message through a chat window and share their screens with an instructor. For better understanding, users also get recorded video of the class.

Who are the instructors @Infotek-Solutions?

@Infotek-Solutions, we have an instructor community of industry professionals who are working in leading organizations and are veterans in their respective fields. These experts belong to various industries and are willing to share their talent with learners like you.

What kind of learning does Infotek-Solutions provide?

@Infotek, we offer instructor-led online live sessions and classroom-based trainings for various courses to the learners.
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