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What knowledge You need to become an Automation Tester??

In today’s technology-driven world, almost every organization is trying to improve efficiency and productivity by automating its core functions or work processes. Automation is setting up its space in almost every domain, from Designing to Development or from Management tasks to Business Processes. In a similar context, here comes the automation testing domain. 

Automation testing is a new approach to manual testing that aims to make tedious testing tasks more efficient and convenient. It will be a great move for you to make a career in the testing field with automation testing. Let’s look at the roadmap that shows how to make a career in Automation Testing:

1. Get Proficient in Programming Languages

  • If you think that programming or programming skills are not essential for getting into automation testing, then you are fundamentally wrong!!
  • It is necessary that you have sound knowledge of programming languages and their respective programming concepts.
  • It will help you become comfortable with various critical tasks for automation testing, such as unit testing, task automation, code review, and many more.
  • You are also recommended to get proficient with several prominent operating systems such as Linux, UNIX, etc. along with the respective tools and commands

2. Learn about SQL Queries & Databases

  • You need to know basic Structured Query Language (SQL) concepts, such as Data Manipulation Language (DML), Data Definition Language (DDL), Transactional Control Language, Aggregate Functions, etc. Although a thorough understanding of all relational databases is not required, you should begin with Oracle, MySQL, or other database management systems to gain a thorough understanding of database management processes.
  • To get more exposure in the testing domain, you need to have familiarity with several data formats such as XML, JSON, etc.

3. Understand the Automation Testing Concepts

It is essential to acquire a thorough understanding of the various fundamental and prerequisite concepts involved in Automation Testing. You should review the Automation Testing Life Cycle concept and the respective processes. ATLC is mostly concerned with the testing process, which includes several stages for all the activities needed for testing. The various phases of ATLC are as follows:

  1. Setting the scope of Test Automation.
  2. Picking out the right Automation Tools.
  3. Develop a Test Plan, Design & Strategy
  4. Setup of the Test Environment
  5. Development and execution of automation test scripts.
  6. Test analysis and test reports generation.

4. Get Familiar with Automation Testing Tools

  • The most important aspect of preparing yourself for entry into the automation testing domain is acquiring familiarity with automation testing tools.
  • It is essential for you to engage in extensive practice and acquire a thorough understanding of their features, specifications, and limitations in order to gain the maximum exposure.
  • The hands-on experience with automation testing tools will provide you with a deeper understanding of the testing domain than you would gain from reading theory or attending lectures.
  • Several testing automation tools such as Selenium, TestComplete, Appium, etc. can be taken into consideration. Furthermore, in addition to the core automation testing tools, there are several other useful tools for defect tracking, test management, and other critical tasks.

5. Get Hands-on Experience in Manual Testing

  • You must be wondering why you would need to get experience with Manual Testing before you could get into Automation Testing.
  • Manual Testing will teach you a lot about the Testing field’s main ideas and many of its mechanisms. Furthermore, it will enhance your chances of obtaining lucrative career opportunities, as many IT companies require a substantial level of experience in manual testing when recruiting automation testing professionals.
  •  Furthermore, it is strongly recommended that you develop several non-technical or soft skills in order to achieve a successful career in Automation Testing. The development of skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, effective communication, and time management are among the most important.

How to Start Automation Testing Training?

Infotek Solutions is offering the following major training programs:

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