Top Automation testing trainings for beginners in 2024

In 2024, automation testing is changing rapidly. It’s important for professionals in this field to keep up with the latest trends and follow the best practices. To encourage ongoing education, numerous instructional programs and platforms have emerged, delivering comprehensive strategies to enhance assessment abilities and maintain competitiveness within the sector.

The rapid progression of technological advancements and software development techniques necessitates a proactive approach to the development of skills in automated testing. Professionals are encouraged to investigate cutting-edge education packages that not only cover fundamental concepts but also explore upcoming trends shaping the industry.

These training programs often address crucial aspects such as:

Foundations of Automation Testing with Selenium and Java

Ready to take your testing skills to the next level? Infotek Solutions’ Master of Functional Automation Testing program is your gateway to a thriving career as a QA Automation Tester in the IT market.

This intensive program equips you with:

  • In-depth knowledge of Automation Software Development Testing Methodologies and DevOps principles.
  • Mastery of Selenium WebDriver, the open-source tool for automated web application testing.
  • Hands-on experience playing the role of an end-user, verifying application functionality through Continuous Integration using Jenkins.
  • Solid foundation in:
    • Fundamentals of Software Testing
    • Java programming for Testers
    • Eclipse IDE
    • Maven build tool
    • Selenium WebDriver Automation Frameworks
    • GitLab for source code management
    • TestNG and Cucumber testing frameworks
    • Jenkins for CI/CD pipelines

Introduction to Mobile Automation Testing with Appium

Explore the fundamentals of Mobile Automation Testing through a beginner-level training course featuring Appium. Participants will gain hands-on experience in testing mobile applications in a user-friendly environment.

This program equips you with:

  • In-depth understanding of Mobile Test Automation core concepts.
  • Mastery of Appium, the open-source framework for automating Android apps.
  • Hands-on practice writing Selenium test scripts in Java.
  • Solid grasp of Appium architecture and key components:
    • Maven build tool
    • Java ADB
    • UIAutomator

Initiation into API Testing with Postman & SoapUI

Ready to unlock the secrets of APIs and skyrocket your testing career? Infotek Solutions’ API Testing with Postman training program is your key to becoming a sought-after API Testing Rockstar in the IT market.


This intensive program equips you with:

  • In-depth mastery of Postman, the industry-standard tool for API testing.
  • Solid understanding of API concepts and testing methodologies.
  • Hands-on experience crafting and executing API requests, covering various HTTP methods and data formats.
  • Expertise in utilizing mock servers to effectively test any API.
  • Confidence to analyze responses, identify defects, and ensure flawless API performance.

But that’s not all! You’ll also gain:

  • Mentorship from seasoned API testing professionals who will guide your path to success.
  • Industry-relevant knowledge and skills that employers crave.
  • The ability to troubleshoot API issues and develop robust testing strategies.

Getting Started with Performance Testing using JMeter

Begin your journey into Performance Testing with a beginner’s course centered around JMeter. Participants will learn the foundational principles of assessing and optimizing application performance under various conditions.

Introduction to Web Automation Testing with Katalon

Break Free from Manual Testing and Embrace Automation’s Power

Katalon Studio, a revolutionary automation testing tool, is here to transform your testing journey. It empowers testers of all skills, from novice to expert, to create robust and efficient automated tests for web applications.

Edureka - Month End Offer-Flat 30% OFF ON Live Course
Edureka - Month End Offer-Flat 30% OFF ON Live Course

Unlock Simplicity and Efficiency:

  • Intuitive Interface: Dive into testing with ease, even without coding experience. Katalon’s user-friendly interface guides you intuitively, making test creation a breeze.
  • Code-Free Start: Begin automating with built-in keywords for common actions, eliminating the need to write complex scripts from scratch.
  • Seamless Selenium Integration: As your expertise grows, seamlessly transition to Selenium scripting for enhanced control and customization.

Designed for All: Embrace Automation, Regardless of Expertise:

  • Professional Automation Engineers: Streamline test creation, maintenance, and execution with Katalon’s comprehensive features.
  • Manual Testers and Proactive Managers: Effortlessly transition to automation and boost testing efficiency without extensive coding knowledge.

Industry-Level Proficiency Awaits You:

This course empowers you to:

  • Master Katalon Studio’s core functionalities and best practices.
  • Design and execute comprehensive test cases with confidence.
  • Generate robust and reusable test scripts.
  • Effectively report and analyze test results.
  • Troubleshoot and maintain automated tests with ease.

Final words

The aim of these easy-to-follow courses is to foster a gradual learning path, ensuring that participants acquire a solid grasp of automation testing concepts and techniques. The constantly changing training programs and platforms offer a comprehensive approach to automated testing, preparing professionals to navigate the complexities of contemporary software development. In today’s dynamic industry landscape, automation testing professionals can play a pivotal role by staying informed and continually enhancing their skills.

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