Is the AWS Developer certification worth pursuing in 2024?

The AWS Certified Developer – Associate certification holds significant value in the IT sector. But many things can affect how useful and important these certifications are in the future, like new technology, what people want, and how cloud computing is changing.

To determine the worth of pursuing an AWS Developer certification in 2024, consider the following points:

Industry Demand: Examine the current job market and prevailing trends for the year 2024 to see if employers are actively looking for AWS-certified professionals, especially those with cloud-based development abilities. You can gain insight from job postings and industry reports.

AWS Ecosystem Changes: Keep up with the latest AWS news and cool new stuff, making sure your certification matches the newest cloud offerings and best practices in cloud development. The AWS certifications are regularly updated to reflect the platform’s evolution.

Career Goals: Check to see if the AWS certification matches your career objectives and preferred path. The certification can be useful if you’re planning on working a lot with cloud services or in roles related to cloud development.

Competitive Advantage: Evaluate whether having the AWS Developer certification provides a competitive advantage in the job market. If you are highly valued by employers in your field, this certification could enhance your marketability.

Skill Development: Even if certification isn’t mandatory for your current or future position, the exam preparation process can help you master Amazon Web Services and cloud development concepts, making it a worthwhile learning experience.

AWS Certification Stack: Consider the broader AWS certification stack. If you want to get more advanced AWS certifications later on, getting the AWS Certified Developer – Associate certification is a good way to learn all the necessary skills.


Professional Network: It is imperative to acknowledge that AWS certifications frequently include access to a global community of certified professionals. Networking opportunities, forums, and discussions can help you stay connected and share your knowledge.

Employer Requirements: It is advisable to scrutinize specific job advertisements to ascertain whether employers in your desired industry or desired companies explicitly endorse AWS certifications as preferred or essential qualifications.

Before deciding, it’s best to check out the latest information from AWS, look at job openings, and join industry forums to learn more about how valuable getting the AWS Certified Developer – Associate certification in 2024 is. Furthermore, seeking advice from professionals in your field or career mentors can provide tailored perspectives based on your individual circumstances.

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