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Awesome tips to become an automation tester

In the accelerated agile approach to working, every company requires a highly skilled automation tester. Though manual testing cannot be completely replaced by automation testing, automation testing is slowly replacing manual testing. The success of the software industry depends on the success of automation testing. It is possible to expand your business to a larger audience with automation.

As an automation tester, it is crucial to have certain skills that will help you test the application better. The skills required to be an efficient and successful automation tester are outlined in the article.

Awesome tips to become an automation tester

Analytical thinking should be focused on.

  1. For an automation tester, it is important to have an instinct for analytics and a logical approach to applying concepts.
  2. Any gap that can be a prerequisite in automating a certain Functionality of an application should be bridged by the automation tester.
  3. The test plan document should be formulated by the automation tester using the ideas from all the team members.

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Have exceptional programming skills.

  1. The tester needs to have a good understanding of programming languages.
  2. Most of the automated test tools use a programming language. The tester needs to be proficient in these languages.
  3. The tester should cover all the modules that demand automation.
  4. Good coding skills are required for the automation tester to design the test script. Instructor-led training is a good way to get acquainted with these programming languages that can help in designing automated test scripts.

Good functional testing skills are essential.

  1. The tester should have experience performing functional testing manually and sound knowledge.
  2. It will be beneficial if the tester possesses not only application knowledge, but also an in-depth understanding of the domain.
  3. Automation testers should have a thorough understanding of the manual testing process and test techniques used in the testing phase.
  4. Testing automation needs to understand the software test life cycle. This is necessary to understand how the testing is performed at each step. This makes it easy to automate the test cases.

Good knowledge of automated testing tools.

  1. The tester should be well-equipped with knowledge about the automated testing tools that are available in the market.
  2. The tester should be able to determine whether certain test cases can be automated or not based on the selection of the testing tool.
  3. The tester can use his automation testing skills to design test cases that guarantee good test coverage and speed up the test execution process once he is well-versed with the automated tools.

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Understand the Automation Testing Life Cycle Methodology.

The approach we take to software development and testing is the same approach we take to automation testing. One needs experience in the following to understand the Automation Testing Life Cycle Methodology:

  1. Decision-making in testing
  2. Test automation tools.
  3. Automation testing process.
  4. Test planning, design, and development.
  5. Test script execution and management.
  6. Review and assessment of test programs.

Curious to learn about new technologies and trends

  1. Being an automation tester, you should be interested in learning new technologies.
  2. The demand for new automated testing tools keeps on changing, as advanced technology provides a benefit to the software industry.
  3. The automation tester needs to be aware of what has to be automated, how it has to be automated, and why it has to be automated.
  4. The logic you use for automation can be used in any automation tool, and you can design test suites for testing a software application.

Passion for automation

  1. Being an automation tester, you need to upgrade your skills to be able to deliver efficient products.
  2. To improve the automation process, an automation tester has to be passionate about learning new things and thinking of new ideas.

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