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The Importance of Database/SQL Skills for Software Testers

The database is a software subsystem that provides an effective way to store user data and allows requesting it via a Structured Query Language.

It stores critical business information and also functions as the core of an application. Software testers need to perform database testing to make sure the system is working correctly.

Where is database knowledge useful?

Software systems have a large amount of data behind the scenes. The data is stored in different databases in the back end. This data will need to be verified. If that is the case, you can use simple or complex SQL queries to check whether the backend databases are storing the proper data.

Let us consider the ITlearn360 e-learning portal.

As a Tester, let us say you need to check Create Account process of the ITlearn360 application.

The tests will include:
1. creation of a new account
2. viewing the account info.

Let us say: you created an Account successfully, you got the success notification, and you are able to log in. So, it appears that the process is working fine, and you marked this test case as passed. But you did not check tables in the database, so there is no real assurance that the data you entered is stored correctly.

Next, you go to the View the account info test case – you find the First name and Last name are exchanged, some info is also missing, etc. Now it is raising confusion – which test failed – the Create or the View? So, what you did you logged a defect against View the account info, but when you talk to the developer, he tells you that it is against the Create Account info. So if you had database knowledge, and SQL, then you could have identified which test case really failed. That’s why you should consider learning Database.

Apart from this, you can use database knowledge in data-driven testing if you choose to go with automation testing in future. You do not need to have in-depth knowledge of the database for testing.

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What is database testing, and why?

Database testing is about testing the place where your data is actually stored. If there is any bug in the database, that bug may cause a severe problem like – deadlocking, data corruption, poor performance, etc. These types of issues are very difficult to discover during manual testing or front-end testing. The databases use objects to handle data like tables for storage, views for representation, and functions/triggers for manipulation.

Nowadays, the use of databases is widespread, particularly in web applications, and they are becoming increasingly intricate with the introduction of new technologies and platforms. That’s why Database testing is necessary to check the quality, security, and correctness of data.


If you learn database/SQL, then it would be beneficial in different areas outside of Software Testing. And if you learn database/SQL in Manual testing training, then it will help in automation testing and others.

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