Selenium with Java Full Course #3 What is Selenium WebDriver

Selenium with Java Full Course #3 What is Selenium WebDriver?

Welcome to Selenium with Java full Course series.

What is Selenium WebDriver?

  • Selenium WebDriver follows Selenium RC and functions by receiving commands either in Selenese or through a Client API, which it then dispatches to a web browser.
  • It is compatible with various browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, and others.
  • Unlike Selenium RC, WebDriver does not necessitate a server to start test execution; it communicates directly with the browser.
  • Moreover, WebDriver is versatile, functioning across multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

Selenium WebDriver Browser

Different Training Programs:

Master of Selenium WebDriver Automation Testing Training

Master of Manual Testing + Automation Testing Training program

Mobile Testing with Appium Training Program


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