Selenium with Java Full Course # 2 What is Selenium RC?

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What is Selenium RC?

Selenium Remote Control (RC) functions as a Java-based server capable of receiving commands for browsers via HTTP.

Automation tests in Selenium RC can be written in various programming languages such as Java, Python, C#, and others. To initiate test execution, an instance of the Selenium RC server needs to be created.

RC enables the creation of automated tests for web applications in any programming language, facilitating seamless integration of Selenium into existing unit test frameworks.

The components of Selenium RC responsible for automating test scripts include:

  • Selenium Server
  • Client Libraries

How does Selenium RC work?

Selenium RC operates by having the client libraries communicate with the Selenium RC server, passing each Selenium command for execution. Once the Selenium server forwards the Selenium commands to the web browser using Selenium-Core JavaScript commands, the web browser executes the Selenium commands utilizing its JavaScript executor.

Different Training Programs:

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Master of Manual Testing + Automation Testing Training program

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