How to automate login using Selenium Webdriver?

When initiating the testing of a website or web application, the primary test case invariably involves checking the functionality of the login feature. The fundamental question arises: What is the significance of testing the login feature in a given web application?

Authentication, as we comprehend it, is the process of confirming a user’s identity or information. Upon logging into a system, users must validate their identity through user verification logic.

Since every service-providing organization mandates user logins for accessing their systems, ensuring the proper functioning of the authentication process is crucial. Failure in the authentication process can lead to significant vulnerabilities in your system, incurring substantial costs. But how does this vulnerability manifest?

Now, the pivotal question is how to automate the website’s login feature. This presentation aims to elucidate the automation of the login process using the example of an E-learning website.


  1. Introduction
  2. Considerations for Scenarios
  3. Various methods employed for automating the login process
  4. Concluding with the actual code.

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