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What is QA automation and why do we need it?

Automation testing handles a significant number of tedious tasks that were previously done by manual testers. It is possible to save time and money by using automated testing, which will deliver a higher level of accuracy. It also allows the QA team to focus on more advanced testing, which will result in improved product quality.

What is the primary objective of automation?

The primary objective of process automation is to improve an organization’s business processes. With automation, we can reduce expenses, time, and waste, increase efficiency, decrease slip-ups, and control all business processes continuously.

When would it be advisable for us to utilize automation testing?

There are times when you need to run similar experiments across multiple machines at the same time. Automated testing is an effective method for avoiding human error in your testing. With automation, you should be assured that all tests are identical, without human error.

What are the expected requirements for automation testing?

To be a successful automation tester, one must have a decent understanding of programming languages. Most of the automation test devices use programming languages like Java, Python, Perl, and Vb script. The automation tester should have proficiency in these programming languages.

What is Selenium?

Selenium WebDriver is an open-source tool that is used to test web applications. The Selenium WebDriver tool is used for automating web application testing to verify & validate the expected outcome. It primarily supports browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer. It also allows you to execute cross-browser testing.

Selenium Automation testing with TestNG
Testing Next Generation.
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Selenium Automation testing with TestNG
Learn - Selenium Real-Time Project with Data-driven testing

Selenium WebDriver provides different programming libraries to write test scripts that are the following:

  1. Java
  2. C#
  3. Ruby
  4. Python
  5. JavaScript

For what reason do we want QA automation?

Repeating these tests manually is both expensive and time-consuming. Once created, automated tests can be run over and over again with no additional cost, and they are typically faster than manual tests. The use of automated software testing tools can reduce the time required to run repetitive tests from days to hours.

An automation testing tool like selenium IDE can play back pre-recorded and predefined activities, compare the outcomes with the normal way of behaving, and report the achievement or disappointment of these manual tests to a test engineer. When automated tests are created, they can undoubtedly be repeated, and they can be used to perform tasks that would be impossible with manual testing.

Instructor-led Training

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Automation with Selenium WebDriver (Java)

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