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How does a manual tester become an SDET?

A manual tester is responsible for testing products for quality assurance. Manual tester’s duties include understanding and identifying the project’s needs and guidelines, studying the product’s specifications and materials, taking measurements, and performing assessments They can create and establish test structures, maintain records and produce progress reports.

Why Manual tester should become SDET?

Because of the limitations of manual testers, organizations are looking for professionals who can adopt new technology and methodologies and participate in both software process automation and testing. SDETs are skilled not only in coding, but also in software testing.

Requirements to become SDET

In order to become an SDET professional, a Manual tester should have the following skills:

1. Programming Skill

SDET professionals require programming or software development skills to be successful. It is not necessary for you to know any framework for development, but you must have good programming skills in any language like Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, C#, etc., and Databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB.

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Selenium Automation testing with TestNG
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Selenium Automation testing with TestNG
Learn - Selenium Real-Time Project with Data-driven testing

2. Sound knowledge of SDLC Process

As you are an experienced Manual tester, we expect you to have knowledge of the Software Development Life Cycle process and how software is planned to be designed, developed, and tested.

3. Agile and DevOps

You should have strong knowledge of the CI/CD process, agile methodology, troubleshooting, basic server maintenance, and IT administration.

4. Learn Automation Tools

SDET professionals rely on automated testing to do their jobs. So, It is necessary for you to learn about automation frameworks, tools, and technology like Selenium, TestNG, Cypress, or another JS-based framework, API testing tools like JMeter, Postman, and BDD tools like Cucumber, CI/CD tools like Jenkins, etc.

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SDET Career Path

Every career has its own way of achieving the ultimate goal. The SDET role follows the steps to get to the goal.

1. Jr. SDET:

You will begin your career as a junior software engineer, and will likely be a junior for the next 3 years. Your responsibilities will include creating automation test scripts, writing test cases, and performing bug analysis. You will also be expected to regularly learn new tools and technologies.

2. Sr. SDET

Within 3 years, you will be ready to take on the role of Senior Software Engineer and will likely be Senior SDET for the next 4 more years. Your responsibilities will include contributing to software architecture design, investigating technical issues and solutions, optimizing software performance, creating test automation strategies, ensuring product scalability, participating in CI/CD process management, deployment process, and guiding juniors.

3. SDET Manager

The next role is SDET manager, and you will be an SDET manager for the next 3 years. You will work along with Sr. SDET and collab with other departments and the managing team.

There are 2 more roles, Test architect( From 10 to 15 years of experience) and Managing Director (From 15 years to later), which have different roles and responsibilities.

Things to learn for growing SDET career
You can start your SDET career with these essential things. It is important that you be up-to-date with the latest technologies.
1. Java
2. MySQL
3. Automation Framework like Selenium
4. GIT for version management
5. TestNG
6. BDD for behavior data-driven testing by Java
7. Postman for API testing and collection runner
8. JMeter for load and performance testing
9. Jenkins / Circle CI for continuous integration
10. Shell Scripting for understanding CLI command.

Besides these, you should have knowledge of Apache/Nginx for server management, AWS, or other clouds.

Instructor-led Training Details

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