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How to become a SDET?

SDET has grown significantly in the last few years. It has made it possible for people who want to work in automation testing.

The salary structure of an SDET varies by company. The average annual salary for a Software Development Engineer in Test is $74,291 in the US.

So, the question arises – what exactly makes a good SDET? What are their skills, and how do they work?

What is SDET?

The Software Development Engineer in Test is a software developer who is skilled at testing their product for viability. An SDET can be branded as a software design engineer with advanced programming skills.


Testability, robustness, and performance are the focus of an SDET’s professional knowledge. They are also capable of playing a contributory or reviewer role in the creation of designs for production software.

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What exactly makes a good SDET?

  • To become a Good SDET, one should be involved in both the development of the application and the testing of it.
  • SDET plays a crucial role in both the SDLC as well as STLC.
  • SDET engineer plans, designs, develops, optimizes, and tests the code.
  • An SDET can consider the probabilities that the application code will fail and design his test framework accordingly, in order to ensure the products’ robustness.
  • SDET needs to understand the complete flow of the code and write his code for creating specialty test tools for automation.
  • A successful SDET needs to have excellent debugging skills to determine the reasons behind the failure of test cases, inefficient code, memory leaks, and other issues.
  • In order to track all the tasks, SDET should be able to create a report of his testing activities.

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What are the Roles and Responsibilities of SDET?

SDET is a mix of a developer and tester who know how to code and build test automation tools, have exposure to project management, and interact with end-user software requirements.

The Roles and Responsibilities of SDET are listed below: –

  • Participate in design and architectural discussions.
  • The ability to build, deploy and manage a test automation framework.
  • Responsible for developing automation code for the application and maintaining the same.
  • Ensuring that the unit test code is covered.
  • Capable of creating different test scenarios and acceptance tests.
  • The automation code should be written by himself, and he should have good skills in debugging.

Instructor-led Training Details

SDET Training



In short, SDET isn’t just a test professional with advanced-level programming skills who can create testing frameworks and tools to help the manual testing process. The dual capacities of SDETs in the domain of performing tests and code development are an incredible fit in today’s advanced age. That’s why the companies are hiringΒ SDETs who are able to work on the testing system or high-performance code.

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