Stress Testing in Software Testing: Example

In the last tutorial, we have discussed Stress Testing, its characteristics, importance & types.

So Stress testing is a way of testing software that tries to figure out where something can go wrong with a system or application. It tests how well a system can handle heavy loads and makes sure it works well, is reliable, and stays stable. 

Stress testing uncovers potential issues in the system before they manifest into actual ones. This kind of test can employ a variety of methods, including simulated heavy loads on the system or application, to assess its capacity to handle them and uncover any potential stumbling blocks. In this tutorial, we will look at an example to understand how to do stress testing.

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What is Stressing Testing?

Consider that the performance testing team has been asked to stress test an e-commerce application that sells camping kits.

  1. To conduct stress testing of the online shopping platform, a large number of site visitors is simulated using a stress testing device.
  2. It would be exponentially higher than the average number of visitors expected to visit the website on a daily basis if the number of visitors were simulated.
  3. These virtual individuals are programmed to carry out common actions, like checking out products, adding, removing items from the shopping cart, and paying for the item.
  4. The number of users keeps rising abruptly, until the website stops functioning and cant handle more traffic anymore.
  5. Additional considerations that are noted include the websites current behavior and its ability to recover gracefully.
  6. The outcomes of the tests are utilized to identify impediments, areas for enhancement, recovery and failover mechanisms, among other things.

In holidays or promotions, an e-commerce website may experience a sudden increase in the number of visitors.

The website needs to undergo stress testing to cope with a sudden surge in visitors. If you do not handle the sudden increase, you might lose money and damage your reputation.


To achieve success in stress testing, the system should display an error message when it encounters extreme stress, and it should be capable of regenerating itself once the load returns to its baseline.

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