The bash script is a very useful tool in automating tasks in Linux OSes. It can also be used to combine utilities and create new commands. You can combine long and repetitive sequences of commands into one simple command. All scripts can be run without the need of compiling it, so the user will have a way of prototyping commands seamlessly.

This course is an introduction to basic and advanced concepts of the bash script.

It teaches both newcomers and long-time users the best, safest and most robust ways of writing powerful bash scripts as well as making efficient and speedy interactive use of the shell.

After completing this tutorial, you will be able to:

  • Understand the basis of Linux shell scripting.
  • Write shell scripts and use it to save time with automated scripts.
  • Customize shell start-up files.
  • Create nifty utilities.
  • Control your administration tasks such as Linux user management, Linux system monitoring etc.