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The bash script is a very useful tool in automating tasks in Linux OSes. It can also be used to combine utilities and create new commands. You can combine long and repetitive sequences of commands into one simple command. All scripts can be run without the need of compiling it, so the user will have a way of prototyping commands seamlessly.

This course is an introduction to basic and advanced concepts of the bash script.

It teaches both newcomers and long-time users the best, safest and most robust ways of writing powerful bash scripts as well as making efficient and speedy interactive use of the shell.

After completing this tutorial, you will be able to:

  • Understand the basis of Linux shell scripting.
  • Write shell scripts and use it to save time with automated scripts.
  • Customize shell start-up files.
  • Create nifty utilities.
  • Control your administration tasks such as Linux user management, Linux system monitoring etc.
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Course curriculum

  • Key overview to Linux environment,  bash and bash scripting
  • Debugging your script
  • Alias
  • Local and global variables
  • Extraction and substitution
  • Upper to lower text conversion
  • Main bash commands
  • Standard input, output and error
  • Regular Expression  
  • Different ways of string matching approaches like Using nocasematch  on and off for input options
  • The here (<<) document and comments
  • Exit status
  • Case to check parameters
  • Single and Double quote
  • Three types of parameters
    • Variables
    • positional parameters
    • special parameters
  • Variable and parameter expansion. Wrong and Write way for expansion
  • Parameter expansion
  • If condition
  • Logical and && and or || for commands
  • Script skeleton to Backup mysql databases
  • Positional parameters and $* and $@
  • Parsing parameters and shift command
  • For loop
    • to run commands
    • For loop for arguments
    • For Loop with command substitution
    • For Loop using range
  • Nested for loop for chessboard plotting
  • While loop
    • Syntax
    • While loop read files line by line
    • While loop with decisions
    • While loop with expression
  • While loop reading password file
  • While loop menu driver program
  • While vs until loop
  • Until loop
  • Select loop
  • Select loop with case
  • break , continue and exit
  • For loop mysql backup with  continue statement
  • Blocks in bash script
  • Functions in bash script
  • Script works on bind9 named.conf
    • Write a menu driven script using the select statement to print calories for food items such as pizza, burger, Salad, Pasta etc.
    • Write a shell script that, given a file name as the argument will count English language articles such As 'A', 'An' and 'The'.
    • Write a shell script that, given a file name as the argument will write the even numbered line to a file with name evenfile and odd numbered lines in a text file called oddfile.
    • Write a shell script to monitor Linux server disk space using a while loop. Send an email alert when percentage of used disk space is >= 90%.
    • Write a shell script to determine if an input number is a palindrome or not. A palindromic number is a number where the digits, with decimal representation usually assumed, are the same read backwards, for example, 58285.
    • Write a shell program to read a number such as 123) and find the sum of digits (1+2+3=6).
    • Write a shell program to read a number and display reverse the number. For example, 123 should be printed as as 321.
    • Write the shell program which produces a report from the output of ls -l in the following format:
    • Write a shell script that will count the number of files in each of your sub-directories using the for loop.
    • Write a shell script that accepts two directory names as arguments and deletes those files in the first directory which are similarly named in the second directory.
    • Write a shell script to search for no password entries in /etc/passwd and lock all accounts.
    • Write a shell program to read two numbers and display all the odd numbers between those two numbers.
    • Uploading files to ftp server with the support of here(<<) document

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