Introduction to Microsoft Visio

Introduction of MS Visio

Important Features of Visio

How to setup Visio

Introduction of MS Visio first window

Basics of Microsoft Visio

Templates in MS Visio

Use of different templates in MS Visio

Introduction of Title bar, Menu bar

Different windows in MS Visio

Introduction of shapes and stencils

Creating Diagrams

How to create flowchart in Visio

Different flowchart shapes available in Visio

How to create a sequence diagram in Visio

Different sequence diagram shapes available in Visio

How to insert another shapes

How to create DFD in Visio

How to create Class diagram in Visio

How to create Use Case diagram in Visio

Create simple organisational charts

Work with organisation chart data

Create and modify calendars

Create and work with Gantt charts

Working with File formatting

Importing different file format in Visio

Saving Visio file in different format and use it

Import from Sharepoint to Visio for editing

Export from Visio to Sharepoint

Working with Data

Link Data to shapes using Data Selector

Creating Data Graphics

Use of data control windows

Sitemaps and Wireframing

What is sitemaps and uses

How to create sitemaps

What is Wireframing

Why Wireframing is for a site

How to create wireframing

Advanced Custom Shape Design

Creating New Shapes

Revising Existing Shapes

Locking and Protecting Shapes

Creating Custom Stencils

Adding Shapes to the Stencil

Saving the Stencil

Some Important topics

Perform basic editing functions

Apply, modify and work with themes

Add and work with comments and understanding co-authoring

Print and email drawings

How to create a Macros

How to use VBA in Visio