Introduction to Microsoft Project 2010

Introduction to Microsoft Project

The Workspace

Microsoft Project keyboard shortcuts

Course transcripts


Creating a Project

Project Information


Assigning Resources

Allocating Resources

Further Assigning/Allocating Resources and Removing

Adding Notes to Tasks; Using Entry Bar and Timeline

Split Screen/Switching Views

Calendar View and Costs Views

Cost Table, Adding Fixed Costs, Cost Rate Table

Detailed Projects

Saving and Working with Templates

Working with a Project Outline

Outline Codes -WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)

Constraints and Deadlines


Scheduling and Options

Over Allocations and Leveling

Critical Paths and Milestones

Adjusting Timescale Tiers

Combination View

Gantt Chart Formatting

Project Baseline

Tracking Progress

Updating Progress

Tracking when Other Tasks are Added

Previewing and Printing Reports

More Standard Reports and Report Customization

Managing Project Finances

Advanced Views and View Customization

Project Calendars

Customizing the Workspace

Advanced Topics

What Is A Macro?

Creating And Running A Macro

Adding A Keyboard Shortcut To Trigger A Macro

Editing And Deleting Macros

Macro Security Settings

Sharing Resources


Course Conclusion