What I am going to learn throughout this course?

  • Concept of Data, Database and Information
  • Database development life cycle by defining Entities, Attributes, Constraints, ER diagram, Normalization and final Schema.
  • You will develop an E-commerce database from beginning to end.
  • Database testing through database development life cycle.
  • Different SQL to define database, manipulate data in database and control database.
  • To test SQL correctness, complexity and performance.
  • Testing with Oracle and MySQL.
  • How to do backend testing using different testing tools.

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Audience and Requirements:

  • QA, BA, Developer, Project Lead, Manager
  • Anyone who is interested to know about  database, database development, SQL, and database testing in detail.
  • No prior knowledge needed but strong desire to learn.

Training Highlights:

  • Mentorship will be available through training and after training
  • You will practice on interview questions starting from day one
  • You will be working on three big projects and experience yourself