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Welcome to the Manual Testing Free Training series. In this tutorial, we are going to discuss the differences between the Manual Testing and Automation Testing in detail.

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Before moving further, let’s discuss how Manual Testing and Automation Testing work:

how Manual Testing and Automation Testing work

How does Manual Testing work?

Manual testing is very hands-on. It requires QA testers to be highly involved in test execution.

How does Automated Testing work?

Automation testing involves QA Testers writing test scripts that automate test execution. (A test script is a set of instructions to be executed on target platforms to validate and verify a feature or expected outcome.)

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Automation Testing vs. Manual Testing

Let’s see what are the main differences between Manual Testing and Automation Testing:

Automation Testing Manual Testing
Automation testing performs the same operation each time. Manual testing is not reliable. Using this method, the test execution result is not correct all the time.
Automation testing is very helpful for regression in testing where code changes frequently. To execute the test cases the first time, using manual testing will be very much useful. But it is not sure that it will catch the regression defects if the code changes frequently.
Automation testing will be useful to execute the set of test cases frequently. Manual testing will be useful when the test case only needs to run once or twice.
After making Automation test suites, fewer testers are required to execute the test cases. To execute the test cases every time, the tester requires the same amount of time.
Using Automation testing, testers can test complicated applications too. It does not involve programming tasks to fetch hidden information.
Automation runs test cases significantly faster than human resources. Manual testing is slower than automation. Executing tests manually can be very time-consuming.
Sometimes it is not helpful to test UI testing It is very much helpful in UI testing
The initial cost of automation testing is more than manual testing but is useful always. Manual testing requires less cost than automation.


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