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Katalon Studio is a simple and intuitive automation testing tool that is easy to use and understand. Any person with less or no coding experience can work on it. Experts can use their expertise to generate robust code.

Katalon Studio is designed for both professional automation engineers and basic users, such as manual testers and proactive managers. The Katalon Studio team has created readable keywords for almost all actions that a novice user can take without much effort, making it easier for them to test manually and get started with automation. This tool has a feature that allows you to gradually introduce Selenium scripting once the user becomes comfortable with it.

This course will enable the learner to work on web application automation testing using Katalon Studio at an industry level.

Best Features of Katalon Studio

  • It uses Selenium at its best, so anything you can do with it can also be done with Katalon Studio.
  • Provides reports for each suite’s execution, with the added benefit of running simultaneously in different web browsers.
  • Each action can be tracked through logs.
  • It provides an interface to integrate GIT, CI Tools, and JIRA.


  • Basic understanding of web application
  • Basic computer knowledge

What you’ll learn

  • Automate any web application using Katalon Studio | Automation testing using Katalon Studio
  • Basic to advanced concepts of Katalon studio
  • Reports in Katalon
  • Test Suite and Test Suite Collection
  • Test Pre-requisites setup
  • GIT integration
  • Katalon Studio Web Automation

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