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2 thoughts on “Unix : More UNIX commands Discussion 6

  • bsingh

    The shell provides you with an interface to the UNIX system.The most common ones are sh, csh, tcsh, ksh, bash, and zsh.

    I like sh shell. Sh is the bourne shell. This is one of the first shells ever written and hasn’t changed much since it was written. Sh is very simple and doesn’t have the features that a moderm day shell has. Bash or the Bourne again shell is a modern day implementation of sh. It has job control, it keeps a history and you cna rerun the previous command but hitting the up arrow. Bash by default mimics the emacs keys. Searching as well as moving around the line use the same keystrokes. This is why most programmers use bash as their shell.

  • Ed Nartey

    I know of Bourne shell, C shell and Korn shell. I like Bourne shell because thats what Ive been exposed to in me work environment. But I can work on any of them if my work environment requires it.

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