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2 thoughts on “QTP features Discussion 7

  • skaur

    Parametrization allows tester to run same test over and over using different values. For example: FRS login must be four characters. This test can be parametrized so that QTP run the same test four multiple times to test different combinations for username.

  • Dinesh Kumar

    Replacement constant values with parameters. We can either use variables or constant or Arguments or Environment variables or Action parameters or Data table parameters or Dictionary keys as parameters.
    Purpose of parametrization –
    1. Passing single values but different value every time.
    2. Passing multiple values
    We use Parametrization feature in Data driven testing.
    Ways of Parametrization –
    1. Generate and pass values using Loop Statements
    2. Dynamic submission of Test data
    3. Using Data Tables –
    A) Enter Test data directly into data table and connect to test,
    B) Input test data from external files (test/ Excel) and connect to the test,
    C) Import test data from database and connect test data,
    D) Use data table method and programmatic statements.
    4. Using Environment variables
    5. Action Parameters
    6. Using Function Arguments
    7. Using Dictionary Objects (keys)
    8. Using Automation Objects
    a. Read Data directly from a text /Excel file and connect data with the test
    b. Read Data directly from a Database and connect data with the test

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