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4 thoughts on “QTP features Discussion 4

  • Dinesh Kumar

    Object Repository is a storage space for object where test script objects stored. There are two types of objects in QTP –
    1. Test Objects
    2. Run Time objects
    Test Objects are the QTP defined objects that are used to interact with Run Time Objects. Test Objects information is stored in the Object Repository.

    • Dinesh Kumar

      Object repository means storage place to store test objects information. It is a middle layer between Test and AUT. Object repository are of two types –
      1. Local Object repository – Internal file created by QTP for every action performed by user during recording.
      2. Shared Object repository – user create object repository either by exporting local objects or by adding object. File extension will be *.TSR (Test shared repository).
      We can Edit *.Tsr extension files only with the help of QTP Repository Manager
      Options while selecting Shared Object repository —
      – Select object option – Selected objects only, it will select parent objects only, no child objects
      – Default Object option – Objects having functionality will get selected
      – All options – Functionality object and static objects (objects having no functionality)
      – Selected object Types – We can select one or more class of object like buttons and radio buttons class.
      Operation on Object Repository –
      – Add objects (local as well as Shared, should be used when small no of objects are there and we require all the objects for AUT)
      – Rename objects
      – Delete objects
      – Export local objects (Should be used when large no. of objects are available on window or web page application but we want to use only few objects then navigate required objects and export it)
      – Associate shared repositories to actions (To record and execute any test manually we require shared repositories, it provide context help if we associate a repository before we write a test script)
      – Load Shared repositories at Run time ( It is a dynamic handling of object repositories, it increase the efficiency )
      – Merge Shared repository ( Merge secondary repository file to primary repository file, this operation will remove the duplicate objects)
      – Map Objects in between OR and AUT ( 1. Highlight in Application 2. Locate in repository )
      – Export Test objects to XML / Import test object from XML (XML is global extension and we can edit test objects without help of QTP repository Manager)
      – Define new test objects (We can define test object if application is not ready, with the help of documents & Development team) use of this option is not recommended.

  • skaur

    Object repository is a collection of objects and properties that QTP can recognize in order to run tests.

  • collins

    Object Repository – is a place where objects and properties are stored

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