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2 thoughts on “QC Theory Discussion 8

  • Nakelia

    A one stop shop for all testing related task
    Coherence of different Task
    Better analysis and management
    easier to track

  • Solomon Ayanaw Habtu

    QC is an HP system development management tool that currently called ALM(Application Life Cycle Management).

    ALM is a web based application that has client side and server side application with a server side database(SQL server or Oracle)

    The client application is a secured web based application that lets end users(System managers, Owners, Business Analyst, developer and testers) able to communicate with the server side application. Server application based on the client side request(can be creation of project, Portfolio, users, requirement specification, test plan, test case, and test executions) it communicates with the database and return back the necessary information or service to the client. Database is used to store the whole data and work flow of the system from project and user creation, requirement specification and assignment, test case planning and execution, defect report and analysis of the project.

    In general ALM is a system development management tool that ease system development work flow and optimize system testing management at all.

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