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5 thoughts on “QC Theory Discussion 5

  • Aruna Mandala

    Defect is the abnormal behavior of the software Or
    If actual results are not matching with expected results.

    Defect Cycle- New
    | }Reopened

  • Aruna Mandala

    Defect Cycle :
    New –> Open –>Rejected/Fixed–>Closed/Reopen

  • Aruna Mandala

    The implementation of Defect cycle will be done in a ‘Defects’ module in Quality Center, When you submit a defect to a Quality Center project ,it is tracked through the stages like New,Open,Fixed and Closed. It may also be rejected or it may be Reopened after it is fixed. In the Defects module we can Add,Review,Update and also can mail the defects to the corresponding person.

  • collins

    a defect is an error in a software

    New –> Open –>Rejected/Fixed–>Closed/Reopen

  • Solomon Ayanaw Habtu

    Defect is any miss much of actual result with the expected one or errors not to accomplish the test case.

    Defect life cycle is a flow or path which the defect goes through from the time the defect is generated and fixed and closed.

    Defect cycle steps are:
    new defect can be rejected or opened by developer, developer assign it fixed, tester retest it, if it is ok, tester assign to it passed and closed.

    QC ALM defect cycle is controlled by a list box named status(with options new, rejected, opened, reopened and fixed) that is shown on each defect report.

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