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3 thoughts on “QC Theory Discussion 4

  • Aruna Mandala

    Yes, we can create traceability matrix in QC.
    Steps for creating matrix are:
    Go to Test Plan module, select the Test case that is going to link to a requirement, click the
    ‘Req Coverage’ tab from right hand side, click icon ‘Select Req’ then you’ll see the requirements folder under’ Req tree’ on right side window, select the Requirement under folder that we need to link and click the left arrow button on the top, it’ll ask for confirmation, click ‘ok’ then it’ll be added in the Req coverage which means the Test is linked to Requirement.

  • collins

    Yes we can create traceability matrix in QC by going to the requirement folder and link and link the requirement coverage to the requirement

  • Solomon Ayanaw Habtu

    QC support tractability Matrix in two ways:

    1. From Requirement module: select/double click a requirement from the list and from left side chose coverage and a new window that contains test cases will be shown, chose the appropriate test case and add it to the grid.

    2. From TestPlan module: go to test set and chose any test case from the list on the top line chose requirement coverage tab, from the pop up window that lists all available requirement, chose what ever you like to much and then add on it.

    In my suggestion the second approach is much better because any time when you add test case you can soon connect to the specified requirement. Remembering that requirement specification is done before test case.

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