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4 thoughts on “QC Theory Discussion 3

  • Aruna Mandala

    Different type of modules are:
    Test Plan
    Test Lab
    Additional modules: Business components & Dashboard

  • Aruna Mandala

    Releases- It represents a group of changes in one or more applications.A project manager defines a release folder along with its releases. After that QA manager defines cycles.
    Requirements- Used to store test requirements from the BRD and we can give the status like whether the test is covered,executed or not,pass or fail etc..
    Test plan- The tester will write all corresponding test cases for the requirements in the design steps tab
    Test lab-Tester will categorize/group the related tests into ‘Test set’ by selecting tests from the test plan module and will execute when the build is available to the tester
    Defects- Track defects,adding,reviewing,matching,updating,maiiling,linking,filtering,ssorting defects and creating/viewing favourite views.
    Tester will log all the failed test case results in this module.

    Additional modules -Business components

  • Aruna Mandala

    Dashboard- It helps to create Graphs and Reports.

  • Solomon Ayanaw Habtu

    QC alm has 5 main modules:

    1. Dashboard: It is a report that used to see the status of the system and control how the project is going based on time frame and defect reports. It gives the system testing summery like number of defects found and fixed, how the severity of the defected to close or suspend the execution and so on.

    2. Management : is used to create releases of a project and cycles of each release. Mostly done by developers or managers

    3. Requirement : it is used to create requirements of the system and put to releases or cycles, also to assign each requirement to testers for test case

    4. Resting: has tow parts
    TestPlan: to register test cases for each requirement. and assign the requirement coverage for it
    TestLab: is to execute test planes
    5. Defect: is used to register and report defects.

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