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7 thoughts on “Manual Testing : Testers Qualities Discussion 5

  • karim

    To test a software very carefully and find the defect if existed tester needs some information. Tester needs to get data from DB and needs to review test requirement with
    BA ,test lead or sometimes with manager and also need to talk to developers too.

  • Olubunmi Ogunsola

    Tomiwa –They have to obtain data and go over requirements with the business analyst. They need to interact to keep up to date with any changes or issues that arise. This will allow for the best possible work to be done.

  • collins

    a tester needs to interact with various it departments because, the requirements might change and to keep us up to date on what is coming up or going on

  • Jomon Elengical

    A tester is involved from the early stages of SDLC. He/ she needs to interact with the BA/ PM to clarify requirements. Communicates with developers by reporting defects and with operations finally after flaws are fixed.
    – Jyothi

  • Pamela halbhavi

    Communication is an important and must have quality of a tester. A tester needs to understand the system as the user. He/she in involved right from the beginning of the project trying to understand what the client wants and works with the BA to clarify the requirements. Also works with the developers to resolve to bugs , Data admins to get the test data and the operations to release the s/w application to the client.

  • smriti

    A tester needs to interact with the BA to understand the customer requirements so that the tester can create tests plans and test cases and execute the tests. Tester needs to interact with the software developers about defects. Testers also need to interact with IT operations because they help with the technical problems that arise in the machines.

  • krishna shrestha

    IT department has many sub department like that executive group, BA, Development, QA and Operation . these all are connected each other . without one, as a whole IT department can’t give to high quality product for customer and it create so many problems and fail the whole team.
    So, as a tester needs to interact to developers, BA too . if customer requirement changed the developer can tell him (tester) about that and if tester find out the defect on product then reporting to him (developer).

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