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4 thoughts on “Manual Testing : Testers Qualities Discussion 3

  • Olubunmi Ogunsola

    Tomiwa — I am able to work alone or with a group. Throughout my career I have worked on projects with members and by myself while delivering before deadlines. I am good at learning from my mistakes — if I make a mistake I always look to see where I went wrong and how I can rectify it. I naturally question everything in order to see if it can be done better.

  • collins

    As a tester i like make sure i have an understanding of what i am testing and how it works for example if i was to test gmail i would like to know how well it is suppose to respond before i begin

  • Banksy

    An understanding of the testing phases and respect for the process, and the ability to think like a user in terms of testing scenarios that may take place.

  • Solomon Ayanaw Habtu

    I am so professional and have good understanding in networking, programming,security, web programming, database. so as a tester I can see where the defects may occur in a system easy. I am good to analyse the possible approaches, techniques to test a system. One day we were two to test a system and the other guy get sick and I was the only one who takes all responsibilities to analyse and write the test case, and test the system until the end of defect report. I was working day and night to finish in time. Finally I was success full. I have a friendly relationship with developers so that I got the chance to inform them how to test a software which helps them to do early testing. And they don’t see me as a problem maker rather they see me as the one who is helping them to achieve their goal in time. I always read about new things both development and testing areas and try to implement well. The good thing in my side I worked as developer, System Administrator and now as a tester so that for me it is easy to fined functional and non functional defect areas

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