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9 thoughts on “Manual Testing : Testers Qualities Discussion 2

  • karim

    Test for quality over quantity.
    Learn to prioritize .
    Have a good writing and communication skill.
    Learn from your own mistakes and others.
    Be objective and professional.
    Think like the user.
    Increase the effectiveness of bugs report.
    Question every one.
    do not humble with software.
    Be Passionate.

  • Olubunmi Ogunsola

    Tomiwa — They should be open minded, ability to be flexible, always be objective with testing, etc, good sense of time management, succeeds when working with a team or individually,very clear communication skills verbally and non verbally and a self starter.

  • collins

    Testers should put them selfs in the customers body

    Testers should prioritize
    should be humble with the software
    should be curious how everything works

  • Jomon Elengical

    Testers should be able to identify the most important bugs or glitches- quality over quantity:
    Should be able to prioritize work
    Should have good written communication skills
    Should be professional and passionate
    Should think like the user
    Should pay attention to detail
    Ability to view at an issue from different angle.
    Team player
    – Jyothi

  • Pamela halbhavi

    Good thinker, Being Creative and Troubleshooter(good at finding bugs)
    Passionate about the work and being relentless
    Be Objective and professional
    Being Tactful and have good communication skills(helps in interacting with the developers without confrontations while reporting bugs)
    Good team player.
    Should be able to think from user’s perspective.
    Doesn’t compromise on quality.
    Should have Good Analytical Skills.
    Should have relentless efforts in finding the bugs. Question everything around you.
    Should be able to Prioritize tests.

  • rabi

    good view should be good and short think

  • smriti

    Testers should be passionate about their work because it can get very monotonous doing the same thing every day. A tester should also be a team player because they have to communicate and interact with various departments and work collaboratively. They should be attentive to details because if they miss testing anything then the software can be faulty. They should think outside of the box and think from the user’s perspective and be able to prioritize. They need to have good communication skills and be able to question everything.

  • krishna shrestha

    The good tester should have be following qualities .
    1) be passionate
    2) Attention to detail
    3) Good communication
    4) Thinks from the user prospective
    5) Hardworking
    6) Team player
    7) Rule follower
    8) Well writing skill
    9) Time management (prioritize)

  • Solomon Ayanaw Habtu

    Good tester should :
    Focus on quality not quantity of defects
    prioritize the functionalities to be tested early
    Team work
    good oral and verbal communication
    be professional and update on it
    good document and report bugs with support of screen shots
    learn from own mistakes and others
    not to be humble to the software, try to brake
    be patient

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