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2 thoughts on “Manual Testing : Test Cases Discussion 9

  • Solomon Ayanaw Habtu

    verifying creating account possible
    verifying past flight date reservation is impossible
    verifying departure and arrival to same place is not allowed
    verifying that online payment visa, master, pay pal is working well
    verify how many number of flight reservation is possible
    verify searching and sorting works as required
    verify that canceling flight is possible
    verify that emailing works fine
    check all input components work with specified data type, for example number of passenger takes integer not a text
    check equivalence and boundary limit for children allowed, number of passengers allowed as a group booking.

    verifying payment is secured

  • Solomon Ayanaw Habtu

    check date format is in MM/DD/YYYY form not in DD/MM/YYYY form

    check back and forward works properly
    check cookie and session works fine
    check all links are taking to the appropriate target
    check directory access problem not exist

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