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3 thoughts on “Manual Testing : Test Cases Discussion 7

  • Solomon Ayanaw Habtu

    1. Login/logout success/fail check: with correct, empty incorrect combination of user name and password.
    2. check search items and sort by size, price.
    3. Add/remove items in my basket
    4. check total cost of inbox items
    5. check item description and image works very well
    6. check payment by paypal, visa, master card
    is possible
    7. check on different web browser: explorer, mozil, firfox, opera
    8. check compatibility for different mobiles, Ipad, Iphone
    9. check updating personal information is possible
    10. check correct links are there and go to the right webpage

  • Solomon Ayanaw Habtu

    1. Functionality test cases:
    ->check login page working
    ->check privacy page working
    ->check products page
    -> check special offerings page working
    -> check about as page
    -> check return policy page
    -> check shipping page
    2. check selecting adding removing products into basket
    3. check searching products, image and description of products
    4. check searching criteria, by price, name order ascending, descending
    5. check product pricing, Out payment calculation and payment methods

    6. check security
    7. check browser compatibility, device compatibility
    8. check SEO (use robotes.txt)
    9. proof reading check
    10. web standard test
    11. social media test

  • Solomon Ayanaw Habtu

    1.Check Login/logout module with with right and wrong credentials.

    2. check Privacy page working, adding/editing personal data

    2. Check searching and sorting products by Item/price/date

    3. Check image sizing and detail description working well

    3. Check adding or removing products to my basket

    4. Check total/out payment and tax calculation

    5. Check payment methodology paypal, visa, master card working well and securities.

    6. check receipt delivered to the bayer email

    7. Check delivery control flow

    8. Check return policy

    9. Check help page

    10. Check security: password protection, access control

    11. Check right link page forwarding

    12. Check each page layout

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