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9 thoughts on “Manual Testing : Test Cases Discussion 5

  • Olubunmi Ogunsola

    A good test case should be accurate, making sure that is very understandable to others, should be traceable to requirements, shouldn’t contain any unnecessary steps

    A bad test case will have the opposite of what I stated above.

    – Tomiwa

  • collins

    A good case is stright to the point, is easy to read, can link you to the requirement

    a bad case leave’s out details,

  • Jomon Elengical

    A good test case is one that has a high chance of finding an error. It doesn’t copy other test cases, it is not too simple or too complex. It assures improved quality, reduce safety risk and reduce legal/ compliance issues. Test case should be traceable to requirement. Test case should be independent and should be able to run them without dependency on other test cases.
    A bad test case is not related to client requirement, is complex and difficult to follow. It does not ensure improved quality of the product. It may be dependent on other test cases and may not be able to run independently if need arises.

    – jyothi

    • Solomon Ayanaw Habtu

      I believe that test cases can be dependent one from another. for example if you need to check changing personal data, before accessing this page data page, a test case like login access is a must.

  • Pamela halbhavi

    Good Test Case
    A good test case should be accurate with high chances of finding errors.
    It should be traceable to the requirement.
    It should be simple and clear enough for everyone to read and should be independent.
    If possible create reusable test cases so that they can used testing other apps.

    Bad Test Case
    Not having clear steps.
    Writing in complex language.
    Dependency of the test case on another.
    Not traceable to the requirements

  • krishna shrestha

    If tester is accurate tested, not too much testing, follow the testing rule, not skip the important requirement , everyone understandable describe, steps, name and well writing. That is a good test case .
    If tester is not follow the testing rule, unnecessary testing, skip the important requirement, everyone doesn’t understandable describe, steps, name and complex writing. that is a bad test case .

  • Banksy

    accurate and in line with the testing requirements.
    Test should be reusable for other applications
    Test should be Independant and able to be executed in any order
    should be easy and clear and small and easily understood by other testers
    test should be traceable to results
    Test should insure all positive and negative scenarios are covered

  • Banksy

    Bad test case is one that is not traceable and not independant with no clarity and missing scenarios that may take place and be important to the company in downtime in the future

  • Solomon Ayanaw Habtu

    Good test cases:
    are short and precise to be understood by others
    have serious of steps to be executed with the necessary data
    not more than 15 steps
    are traceable with the test requirements(RTM)

    Bad test case are those which has:
    no precise steps explained
    not traceable
    not easily understandable by any tester
    and not having continuity for future use especially in regreation testing

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