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6 thoughts on “Manual Testing : STLC Discussion 5

  • karim

    SDLC has phases like requirement that gathering information from customer and defining phase that defines the SRS (software requirement system) and another phase called designing phase which designs the software
    then developers will develop the software and then STLC takes action. STLC tests the software to fine the defect.

  • Olubunmi Ogunsola

    Tomiwa — Requirements gathering — The BA for SDLC focuses on converting the business model into IT compatible, while STLC identifies what type of testing will be required and reviews to make sure they catch an future faults. In the design phase both look for high level testing points in the software. Coding is done in SDLC and during this phase, STLC starts writing the test cases. SDLC does the testing in the testing phase and STLC does testing but of test cases and test plans to make sure nothing was missed. Deployment is basically when the application is ready for real use. SDLC during the maintenance phase is to support product post deployment and STLC is to ensure upkeep of test plans, cases, etc.

  • Pamela halbhavi

    Phase ——— SDLC ———STLC
    Requirements Gathering—–Done by BA’s.Business needs into Requirements doc —– Testing team review and analyze the reqs doc to identify the type of testing to be done and gaps that might exist
    Design —- Tech Architects develop high level and low level design documents. Ba creates UIs —– Testing creates Testing Plan Doc. Create high level testing scenarios.
    Coding/Development —– Developer Code —- Testing create detailed test plan, develop test cases
    Testing — developers Unit test their code — Testers execute the TCs,report and track bugs. Manual and automation test execution are done at this stage.
    Deployment —— Application is deployed on the production environment after —>final Testing and implementations done are this phase
    Maintenance ——-post production/deployment activities——Maintenance test are carried out which include updation and maintenance of test plans,test case for the testing of support requests and enhancements.

  • Subhashini Vaddey

    Requirements Tester Verify requirements
    Design Requirements Design Test plan
    Coding Develop test cases
    Testing Excution of test cases
    Deployment Defect log and fix &closure

  • Banksy

    Requirements gathering-done by BA’s and Business Users- Reviewed by testing team to develop Analysis Document

    Design – done by Developers- Testers not involved in this phase.

    Coding/Development — Developers

    Testing – Unit Testing, System Testing done by developers and release to the QA department.

    Here is where the Software Life Cycle Begins – Test Plan has been designed by the QA Technician (lead) and Test Cases planned, then the test is executed.

    Results (bugs/errors) reported to the development team. then the software is re-tested by QA once fixed. (possible regression testing is done at this time)

    If corrected, the Software is approved and deployed to the server or share for operations to install or engineer for the environment

  • Solomon Ayanaw Habtu

    in SDLS requirement analysis and specification phase, STLS does requirement review to check the requirement is done based on the customer’s need

    in the SDLS system design phase STLS does whether the design is done based on the requirement or not

    in the Coding phase at the final, STLS checks the each code is working or not and is done based on the given Design

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