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One thought on “Manual Testing : SDLC Discussion 6

  • Solomon Ayanaw Habtu

    Higher officials, BA analyse and develop BRS, FRS based on the Owner requirements and give these BRS, FRS documents to System Design department

    System Design department uses BRS, FRS documents and design the entire system from high level Use case to low level psudocode, flowchart; and give it to develpers

    Developer: based on System Design document they write the actual code in programming languages like java, vb, C++, C#, web programming based on the specification. And deliver the software to Test department

    Test department: tests the system including installation, configuration and operation and also checks whether they system is developed based on the requirement or not and finally assure that to developing department and the management team

    Management team give it to operation department

    Operation department do the real operation to work and help support

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