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7 thoughts on “Manual Testing : SDLC Discussion 5

  • Jay

    In my company, each project goes through SDLC. Top executives or deptt heads create requirement which is elaborated and defined in detail by BA. Once requirement is generated, it pass to Software Development group where architects design the solution and codes build the solution. Next, it goes to Testing where solution was validated. Once solution is ready after testing, it used to deploy and maintain by Operations team.

  • michael

    In my company all software projects goes through the SDLC. The top executives are involved in planning. They do both short term and strategic planning and create the requirement, then the Business Analyst departments translates the requirements into Documents and passes the requirements for the Development team to code and build the solution. My department then ensures that the developed code is tested. If there are issues, it is reported accordingly. If not, the QA passes it on to the Operations team for deployment or life release (the production stage.)

  • arsalan

    In my company all the software projects goes through SDLC. The top executive is involved in planning and meeting with customer. The BAs break down the requirement as a Functional Requirement document. The Developers will start coding and finding the solution. The testers start testing to make sure that there is no Bug during coding. Finally the product goes to the operation team for the release.

  • Banksy

    Projects are planned by the VP of IT and the Senior Project Managers, then the BA and the Senior Desktop Engineer(s) determine the requirements and create the application packaging standards, then the Developers design and code the applications based on the departments needs per plan requirements, then the QA testers work in conjunction with the developers and the Subject Matter Experts in each department to test the application and work out any bugs, once the Software has been sent back to the Developers for last fixes, it is packaged for SCCM deployment,through Citrix, or Manual Installs by the HelpDesk or Desktop Engineers

  • swissqb

    Company Executives plan a requirement, it then goes to a BA to define the product. There the project goes to the design phase.

    Once a design is chosen it is built by developers.

    The QA department them tests it for bugs. Once it is cleared it goes to operations to deploy and maintain the product.

  • Shirin Safire

    Each project goes through SDLC in a software company. The top executive or head of department create the requirements and get more define by BA or PM. BA complete the requirement based on customer needs. Then the requirement goes to software developer group. The developer design and build the code. Next, it goes to QA department. The testers are actually testing the product based on the requirement doc and report defect, track, fix and retest the software. Then QA pass the software to the deployment department to release to the customer.

  • Solomon Ayanaw Habtu

    SDLC stands for Software development Life Cycle. It is a standard to develop a software in a quality way.
    SDLC has the following life cycles:

    Requirement Analysis and Specification: done by BR and high level officials with System Owner to decide functionalities to be included in the system.

    System Analysis and Design: in this phase based on the requirement developers design the system. It includes Use case diagram, high level design(how modules interact each other), Low level design(psedocode, flowchart of each module).

    Codding phase: writing the actual code using programming language

    Testing: Even-though testing starts from early stage, at this testing phase it is thought that the software is developed and ready to go for deployment. So before going to deployed the last integration and beta test, User acceptance test will be done here.

    Deployment: that version software will be released to the market/owner

    Maintaining: at his phase if the system crashes any time while working, any maintenance will be done on it.

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