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6 thoughts on “Manual Testing : Requirement Discussion 3

  • karim

    Because in this phase of manual testing BA will prepare the structures of the requirements gathered from user and this will be going to be designed by software system engineers to be coded by developers.

  • Olubunmi Ogunsola

    It is important because the business analyst is involved with obtaining the requirements and delivering it to developers in a more technical manner. The SRS must be accurate or the manual test can fail.
    – Tomiwa

  • collins

    software requirement specification is needed because it is the information you get from the user to create the software or add to the software

  • Jomon Elengical

    SRS is important because it is the initial document that contains a software vendor’s understanding of a customer’s requirement. It is the bridge between the software developers and BA. An incomplete or incorrect SRS can adversely affect the software project.

  • Pamela halbhavi

    SRS document is what a tester uses extensively to write the test cases. It the document that contains software vendor’s understanding of the customer’s s/w requirement mostly written by a BA with some technical background. An SRS is one of the most criticial document as it acts as a bridge between the s/w developers and business analysts. This document provides the tester a blue print to write the test cases.

  • smriti

    SRS is important in manual testing because it contains customer’s requirements in detail. The designers,developers, and testers rely on this document. The designers design the software as per the SRS, the developers develop the product as per SRS and then the testers test the product according to the requirements.

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