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6 thoughts on “Manual Testing : Different Types Of Testing Discussion 8

  • karim

    Is done by software Developers.
    Also called glass testing, open box testing .
    Testers read & understand the cod under test.
    Testing internal logic structure of the cod. Requires programming & implementation knowledge.
    mainly applicable to lower level testing like Unit testing, Integration testing.

    Block Box Testing :
    Done By Software Tester. Tester may not be aware of Database or other storage. Dose not require any programming knowledge and implementation. Tester dose not look into any codes of the software. testing based on entering input into data input the software program through user interface and observing output. mainly applicable to higher level of testing, like. Acceptance Testing.System testing. requirement specifications are basis for test cases.

  • Olubunmi Ogunsola

    White box testing –
    Focuses on the internal aspect of the program, done by developers, the testers have a grasp of the code

    Black box testing –
    Focuses on the input and output, software tester runs this test, they do not look into the code


  • collins

    white box testing – focuses on the code, need to know programming,

    Black box – you don’t know the code, focuses on input & output, higher level of testing,

  • Jomon Elengical

    a) Whitebox testing:
    -internal structure of software is tested to make sure specifications are met.
    -This is generally performed by developers.
    -Knowledge of internal program design and code required. Whitebox testing is again divided into static and dynamic testing.
    -Unit testing, integration testing and regression testing are dynamic white box testing.
    b) Blackbox testing:
    -Internal structure of software is not known to the tester. -Generally performed by software testers.
    -In this test cases are designed using the functional specifications of the software. It attempts to find the external behavior of the code.
    -Types are system testing, usability testing, performance testing.
    – jyothi

  • Pamela halbhavi

    Whitebox testing –
    need to know the internal program design and code.
    Tests are based on code,branch and statement coverage, paths and conditions
    Done by the developers
    Eg – unit testing

    Blackbox testing –
    need not the internal program design and code.
    Tests are based on requirements and functionality.
    Done by the testers
    Eg – Performance testing

  • Solomon Ayanaw Habtu

    Black box testing is done without knowing about the system design and internal code of the system. It is based on the requirement specification document. The tester uses input data and looks the output result to compare with the requirement pacification. Advantage the tester no need programming knowledge, disadvantage the tester can’t reach all corners of testings. Mostly done by testers. Example are like user acceptance, testing, system, testing, usability testing, accessibility testing, performance, load, stress.

    White box testing: needs understanding of the system design and the code. It has the capability to have different test scenarios thou it is still difficult to reach from corner to corner. It is done by programmer, and the programmer has to chuck the work flow of each module internal part. It is good to remove unwonted codes and optimize codes that may increase system performance. Example are like unit testing, regression testing, integration testing. Advantage the tester will have detail understanding about the internal system and easy to defined test scenarios. Dis advantage the tester should have programming knowledge.

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