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6 thoughts on “Manual Testing : Defect Management Discussion 4

  • Olubunmi Ogunsola

    Not knowing that something needed to be done, not being able to do what is specified, something was typed wrong.
    – Tomiwa

  • Jomon Elengical

    omission, ignorance, commission, typography, lack of knowledge, lack of or misleading information, external factors.
    – Jyothi

  • collins

    defects occur due to not enough time to finnish the software, typo, not enough knowledge

  • skaur

    Defect can occur due to various reasons. Here are few main reasons I have discovered after reading about the defect on e-learning portal and working on HRM project.
    Ignorance: Developers forgot something due to ignorance
    Typography: Software development is a tedious task and minor typo can cause a defect.
    Knowledge: Something went wrong because the person responsible had no idea how to do it right.
    Information: Wrong information was provided to developers
    External: Defect was caused by some external factors

  • Wahabu

    What are the different causes of Defects i.e why defects occur?

    Software defects occur due the following:
    1) When requirements are not well defined
    2) when software developers mess up with the coding
    3) when developers misunderstood requirements
    4) Typographical mistakes by developers during design and build stage
    5) Developers level of experience can also lead to software bugs

  • Solomon Ayanaw Habtu

    Causes of software defects:
    Lack of knowledge, experience, carelessness, lack of time to develop and review. This can be happen on each part of SDLS
    1. Missing the User function while documenting requirement specification

    2. Not well defined requirement specifications

    Developer Side
    3. Miss understanding of the requirement specification

    4. Miss interpretation of System Design to coding.

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