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4 thoughts on “Manual Testing : Defect Management Discussion 3

  • Olubunmi Ogunsola

    1. Specifications/requirements weren’t written correctly
    2. Forgot to put the expected results
    3. Had many typos in the requirements so it caused confusion
    4. I did not run a regression test after a defect was fixed because didn’t know it needed to be done
    5. Was unclear on the test case so ran manual test wrong
    6.Developer designed the wrong system
    7. Information wasn’t saved after completion so had to redo everything
    8. Software keeps users logged in without checking the keep logged in box
    9. Too many testers run the same tests and ignore others due to lack of communication
    10. Sofware is supposed to give grades 60 and below a D, but instead gives C. Developer wrote code incorrectly.

  • collins

    loggin button doest work
    website slow
    no datebase of the saved info
    info saved when not asked 2
    cant click a box to write
    wont summit
    cant click
    screen blank

  • skaur

    While working on e-learning project, I came across the following defects:
    1. Email link was not working
    2. Question answer form is not working
    3. Documents fail to open
    4. Job portal link is broken
    5. Quiz dashboard has no quizzes
    6. Video not loading
    7. No search box

  • Solomon Ayanaw Habtu

    I have got defects in MERCURY TOURS: It is a tours, flight, hotel registration and reservation system:

    1. Registration with out mandatory fields is possible, which must not to be.

    2. In register module Password and Confirm password miss much not raise error and user registered.

    3. Login with wrong credential does not show any error sign, thou it is working.

    4. Choosing one way flight option still shows return date element.

    5. Functioning element(level or button) is in the flight reservation page

    6. flight date dose not have a year to select

    7. No different is seen while choosing economy, business and first class

    8. Searching for a preferred flight gives all other flights also

    9. Payment method dose not authenticate the right way of payment.

    10. print, like buttons are not active/ not working

    11. The website does not support the browser back button.

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