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3 thoughts on “General Questions Related to Automation? Discussion 5

  • Dinesh Kumar

    •Simple interface & Ease of Use
    •Presents the test case as a business workflow to the tester (simpler to understand)
    •Uses a real programming language (Microsoft’s VBScript) with numerous resources available.
    •QuickTest Pro is significantly easier for a non-technical person to adapt to and create working test cases, compared to WinRunner.
    •Data table integration better and easier to use than WinRunner.
    •Test Run Iterations/Data driving a test is easier and better implement with QuickTest.
    •Parameterization easier than WinRunner.
    •Can enhance existing QuickTest scripts without the “Application Under Test” being available; by using the ActiveScreen.
    •Can create and implement the Microsoft Object Model (Outlook objects, ADO objects, FileSystem objects, supports DOM, WSH, etc.).
    •Better object identification mechanism.
    •Numerous existing functions available for implementation – both from within QuickTest Pro and VBScript.
    •QTP supports .NET development environment
    •XML support
    •The Test Report is more robust in QuickTest compared to WinRunner.
    •Integrates with TestDirector and WinRunner (can kick off WinRunner scripts from QuickTest)

  • skaur

    Features of QTP:
    1. It uses VB as its scripting language.
    2. QTP is multilingual.
    3. Easy and effective programming.
    4. Displays results in an XML tree form which is easy to understand.
    5. Record and play back feature.
    6. Action view and keyword view is easy to understand for non IT people too.
    7. QTP runs in windows only.
    8. QTP supports many technologies like oracle, JAVA, web, Siebel, SAP, etc.
    9. Parametrization and data table feature.
    10. Good support for MS office.

  • collins

    features of QTP = easy to use, runs for windows. XML support, Supports java.

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