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4 thoughts on “General Questions Related to Automation? Discussion 4

  • Dinesh Kumar

    -Regression Test & Smoke Tests are good candidates for regression
    -Tasks or features which are stable enough (if the module of the application is not stable, the effort in estimation is wasted to an extent)
    -Test involving complex calculations are good for automation.

  • skaur

    QTP is best used for regression testing. If your application goes through frequent changes then automation may not be a good tool for you. Here are features that I tested using QTP; flight reservation login and registration, gmmail log in.

  • collins

    it is best used for regression because it is easy to do and not complicated

  • Solomon Ayanaw Habtu

    Automation testing is best for regression, performance, stress test cases.

    Automation test is best for Test cases those need redundant activities with a lot input data.

    Test cases those are critical and prone to human errors.

    Test cases related for evaluating performance especially time based. Automation tools can run numbers of tasks at the same time so that it is better to get accurate performance measure than manual based.

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