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4 thoughts on “General Questions Related to Automation? Discussion 3

  • Dinesh Kumar

    QTP is functional testing tool. QTP automates functional tests by recording the actions of a user on the system under test and replaying the actions on demand to execute a test.
    In contrary to that to make non functional testing effective it is important to use a testing tool which can perform non functional testing like – Stress testing, Load testing, volume testing, security testing, recoverty testing & compatibility testing etc. But QTP is not facilitating the user with all non functional testing effectively

  • skaur

    Quick Test Pro aka QTP is an automated functional testing tool by HP. QTP is best used for regression testing. Tester records the steps needed to be performed in order to test an application and these steps can be run as many times needed.

  • collins

    quick test prol is functional because the tester programs the software by telling it what it should be testing

  • Solomon Ayanaw Habtu

    QTP is a functional testing tool by HP. For the first time the tester can record all the steps to test any functionality of a system and then he/she can reuse this QTP records to check the constancy of that function during the system development life time.

    For example once you record the login functionality of HRM in QTP, any time when the developer changes the login module, you just rerun your QTP test with out defining as a new.

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