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8 thoughts on “General Questions Related to Automation? Discussion 2

  • Dinesh Kumar

    Execution of tests and the comparison of actual outcomes with predicted outcomes with the help of a software application (Automated Test tools) is called Automation testing.
    Once test Automation is done, test can be run quickly and repeatedly. Test Automation can be a cost-effective method for regression testing of software products that have a long maintenance life.
    It is difficult to predict the future of IT business. But as of now 100% test automation have various constraints like functionality will have to be tested manually (Eg. Captcha) tool restrictions, complex technology, support to technology by tool, explore and test new features etc.

  • skaur

    Automation testing is a process to execute software testing using an automated testing tool. Automation testing is normally used regression testing, load testing, performance testing, and system testing. Automation is very cost effective compared to manual testing. It is possible to automate a test 100% but there are some cons to automation process. For example, tools used for automation testing are very expensive and if your project is not very large, it might be easier to hire a manual tester. Although the testing part using automated tools is not that time consuming but considerable amount of time goes into developing the automated test and letting them run. Automated tools have their own limitations. For example: changes in color schemes and font sizes can only be detected by using manual testing.

  • Aruna Mandala

    Automation testing is when the tester writes scripts and uses another software(tool) to test the software instead of a human being.

  • Aruna Mandala

    Manual Testing cannot be 100%automated because,the automation can only check for what it is programmed to check. For example, if it is checking the login screen is displayed,it will check for this but won’t check whereabouts on the screen it is displayed,what font it is using or whether anything is displayed on the screen.
    Automation is typically used for regression that is the application has been tested manually in the past and most of the bugs have been identified.

  • Aruna Mandala

    The Automation testing is just an extension of manual testing and we can go for automation only when the application is stable.

  • collins

    automation testing is when you write a script and then use a machine to run the script.

  • Solomon Ayanaw Habtu

    Automation testing is a tool/software based testing system that can be done with out the human intervention. Automation testing is very during regression, performance, load and stress testing. Once you write the automation script you can use it numerous times.

    For the first time manual testing should be done on a system. From that automation test can be generated and used. In addition if the system parameters change continuously automation testing doesn’t work.

  • Solomon Ayanaw Habtu

    The main target of automation testing is to save time while doing redundant testes. To run the testing 24/7 hrs. and by the of performance, load test automation able to create numbers of users threads or data connections to test the system.

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