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4 thoughts on “General OS Questions? Discussion 8

  • Serge Izgorodin

    UNIX is free source OS while Windows is for-profit product. UNIX is more productive then Windows and doesn’t require common for Windows updates. UNIX can be installed on different types on machines while Windows operates on certain machines only( Dell, HP, Compaq, Lenovo, Toshiba etc) Windows is known as the most user friendly OS while working on UNIX needs certain training or skill set. Many UNIX commands have differences from Windows ones.

  • bsingh

    Comparison of Unix and windows:
    Stability: Unix is much more stable operating system compared to windows. Most high end companies tend to use UNIX because of its stability.
    Reliability: Unix can handle high stress better than windows. Hence, Unix is more reliable than windows.
    Cost: There are several free versions of Unix available in market but windows cost somewhere between $100 to $400.
    User likability: Since windows is mostly GUI based, customers tend to like it better than Unix.
    Performance: Unix does not require constant updates as windows. This makes it better in performance.
    Compatibility: Web sites designed and programmed to be served under a UNIX-based web server can easily be hosted on a Windows server, whereas the reverse is not always true. This makes programming for UNIX the better choice.
    In summary, Unix is a better choice than windows

  • Ed Nartey

    UNIX is open source, Windows is not
    UNIX is case sensitive, Windows is not
    Windows is GUI based UNIX is command line
    UNIX is more stable and does not require reboot, Windows requires reboot.
    UNIX has multiple flavors, Windows does not.

  • ranjan

    unix handles high server loads better than windows.
    UNIX machines seldom require reboots while Windows is constantly needing them.

    Windows hosting is more easily made compatible with UNIX-based programming features like PHP and MySQL. UNIX-based web software is not always 100% compatible with Microsoft technologies like .NET and VB development.

    Linux is a free operating system to download, install and operate. Windows hosting results in being a more expensive platform.

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