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5 thoughts on “General OS Questions? Discussion 7

  • Serge Izgorodin

    First we need to have a client to provide secure connection. For Windows is it free-source file PuTTY which can be downloaded from developers’ web site. Btw iOS has embedded program called “Terminal” to replace puTTY. PuTTY does not exist for iOS. By providing internet server’s IP Addree and clicking SSH (Secure Shield) bottom in the dialog box, we establish secure connection with UNIX server.

  • bsingh

    Steps for connecting windows machine to UNIX machine:
    1. Download PuTTY
    2. Double click on PuTTY icon.
    3. Type host name and click SSH
    4. Click open to connect, enter username and password.
    5. Press Enter, your are now connected to UNIX machine.

  • Ed Nartey

    By using a software called PuTTY and connecting to the host via SSH (Secure Shield).

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