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4 thoughts on “General OS Questions? Discussion 6

  • Serge Izgorodin

    Today basic knowledge of UNIX is essential for testers because their work is commonly related to installation and performance testing in UNIX. UNIX is very popular platform for web servers. That’s why certain UNIX knowledge in commands, logic and execution is needed.

  • bsingh

    Since Unix is more stable operating system compared to windows, most high end companies use UNIX instead of windows. Testing activities like performance testing, installation testing are based on the knowledge of operating system so testers must know how to operate a computer with UNIX operating system.

  • Ed Nartey

    Because as a tester you should be able to work on a UNIX system if that is the OS in your environment and perform various tasks as you would in a windows environment.

  • ranjan

    In most of the organisations, applications are deployed in unix in order to test the applicatons a tester must login to unix system

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