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4 thoughts on “General OS Questions? Discussion 5

  • Serge Izgorodin

    Linus is an open-source OS developed on UNIX platform. There are variety of Linux choices available for use on different computers including Mac, IBM, HP, Dell and others. At the same time, each version differens by number of commands to perform. I currently use JS/Linux – web based emulator for command reproduction.

  • bsingh

    Linux is an open source operating system.
    Linux versions:
    Linux Mint
    CentOS – red hat
    openSUSE – SUSE LINUX enterprise
    Arch Linux
    Slackware Linux
    Puppy Linux
    JS Linux

    I worked on JS Linus.

  • Ed Nartey

    Linux is a flavor of UNIX. The various kinds of Linux include Fedora, Debian, Mageia, Ubuntu and Red Hat. I work on Linux Red Hat

  • bruno

    linux is a derive of Unix. The various kinds of linix include Ubuntu,Red Hat’s Fedora and Novell’s openSUSE. I work on Linux Red Hat.

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