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6 thoughts on “General OS Questions? Discussion 4

  • Olubunmi Ogunsola

    UNIX OS has Commercial and Open Source.
    Commercial are: IBM(AIX), HP(HPUS), Oracle(Solaris), and Redhat(LINUX)

    Open source: LINUX(Fedora)

  • Serge Izgorodin

    Various types of UNIX OS are designed to operate on different categories of hardware. In addition, UNIX based OS support multiple chooses of commands and functions. Although there are hundreds of “flavors” available for users, several OSs are popular at the industry.
    Redhat (LINUX), AIX (IBM), MAC iOS X Server (Apple), OpenLinux (Calderra Sys Inc)

  • bsingh

    •AIX – developed by IBM for use on its mainframe computers
    •BSD/OS – a commercial version of BSD developed by Wind River for Intel processors
    •HP-UX – developed by Hewlett-Packard for its HP 9000 series of business servers
    •IRIX – developed by SGI for applications that use 3-D visualization and virtual reality
    •QNX – a real time operating system developed by QNX Software Systems primarily for use in embedded systems
    •Solaris – developed by Sun Microsystems for the SPARC platform and the most widely used proprietary flavor for web servers
    •Tru64 – developed by Compaq for the Alpha processor

  • collins

    various unix operating types are. solaris, aix, mac

  • bruno

    – AIX, commercial Unix based on system V developed in february 1990 by IBM
    – Sun Solaris, commercial Unix based on system V and BSD developed by SUn Microsystems
    – HP-UX, commercial Unix based on BSD developed from 1986 by Hewlett Packard
    – Ultrix, commercial Unix developed by DEC
    – IRIX, commercial Unix developed by SGI
    – Unixware, commercial Unix developed by Novell
    – Unix Sco, commercial Unix based on System V developed from 1979 by Santa Cruz Operations and Hewlett Packard
    – Tru64 Unix, commercial Unix developed by Compaq

  • ranjan

    some of unix os are solaris, aix, freebsd,debian etc.

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