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14 thoughts on “Database : Introduction of Database Discussion 8

  • karim

    Because tester some times need to check some data field from the database to make sure that data is siting correctly in its cell after retrieve or any update.

  • karim

    Because tester needs data for testing, needs to know data verification in database to find data

  • Essa

    back end.Review database diagram and designs plus review the tables and procedures.

  • nabeel

    Testers needs to know database for back end testing in order to verify data being stored in database matches with what is saved at front end.

  • nasir

    So that tester can uncover design problems quickly by knowing front and back end database.

  • ranjan

    there are more complex the front end and the back ends in todays software appications. So, it is more important for a tester to learn about DB testing and be able to validate the databases effectively to ensure secure and quality databases.

  • Palwinder

    Testers needs to know data for testing,verification,find data by knowing backend, front end database ,update

  • collins

    testers need to know database because they will be able to uncover design problems quickly by knowing the backend and front end

  • Olubunmi Ogunsola

    They can be the final review of the the database and I feel it is always beneficial to have knowledge on the aspects of your projects in case you have to test something. The tester will be able to detect any bugs or design problems.

  • sivi ramesh

    In the software systems, We need to check whether the fields in the UI/Front end forms and mapped consistently with the corresponding DB table.Whenever a certain action is performed in the front end of an application, a corresponding CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update and delete) action gets invoked at the back end. A tester will have to check if the right action is invoked and the invoked action in itself is successful or not.

  • bruno

    Tester needs to know database for several reasons, first to be able to know the correlation between store information, customer, products, orders, shipping tables.second, to know the language as sql querry and others in orders to be able to play with it.

  • smriti

    A tester needs to know about database because there are a lot of problems that can occur if the database is not tested like data corruption, redundant data, inconsistent data. If a tester does not have knowledge about database, he/she won’t be able to test for errors in the system.

  • Subhashini Vaddey

    QA Software Tester Needs to know about the databases because there many mistakes can happen by developers. Even though developer think they develop the right code there will be still mistake that is why tester supposed to know about the DB so the tester can access the Db and query needed data to match the front end requirement and test.

  • Seema perveez

    Database testing requires tester to have knowledge of the given application, the tester must be able to query the database at specific points. Tester must ensure the UI (Front end) forms are corresponding accurately with the DB table (Back end).

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